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Last updated, 8th May 2022.  




















WHO is WHO in Africa, 2022

Please nominate Africans, whether in Africa or in the diaspora, who in your opinion are qualified to be included in the WHO is WHO in Africa of African Biographical Centre for 2022 by clicking this link.

WHO is WHO in Africa is the mother of all biographical entries in Africa by African Biographical Centre. Award is strictly by unbiased confirmation of the Nomination Committee of ABC.

African Biographical Centre, ABC with African Network of Professionals, ANoP invites nominations from the general public for the WHO is WHO in Africa, 2022 compilation. The publication will be presented in November 2022 during the Congress of African Professionals in Abuja, Nigeria.

General Standards and Inclusion Criteria

    The General Standards for the qualification to be a WHO is WHO in Africa include the following:
  • Nomination should by independent person or Nomination Committee not by self
  • Nominee should be an African residing in Africa or in the diaspora
  • Candidates can be professionals, researchers, administrators or other eminent persons.
  • Every profession or career is eligible for ABC awards: leading executives, officials and individuals in government and private sectors, business, education, religion, journalism, civic affairs, fine art, law, medicine, civil right, sports, contemporary art, music, theater, motion pictures, television, and those responsible for recent developments in science.
  • The selection of individuals for inclusion in the WHO is WHO, 2022 is based primarily on completion of our biographical data entry forms and on reference value.
  • Individuals become eligible for listing by virtue of positions achieved through elections or appointment to office and by distinguished achievement in meritorious careers.
  • Once these individuals were identified, data about them will be collected in various ways: namely, the biographees will furnish information through our biographical data entry forms.
  • However, if a nominee fails or refuses to furnish their own data, the Nomination Committee shall drop such forthwith.

    The Inclusion Criteria for WHO is WHO, 2022 are the following:
  • Nomination by independent person
  • Candidates engaged in fields marked far more by service have more advantage.
  • Individual's demonstrated merit
  • Two overarching qualifying factors for merit:
    1) the position of responsibility held, examples positions in the executive, legislative and judicial arms of the government; heads of major institutions and government parastatals; heads of non governmental and professional organizations, civil societies, religious and traditional institutions; leaders and principal officers of leading businesses and other private and corporate organizations
    2) the level of significant achievement attained in a career of meritorious activity. Example, an individual must have accomplished some conspicuous achievement, that distinguishes them from the vast majority of their contemporaries.
  • Individual’s desire to be enlisted is important
  • Final inclusion is ultimately the responsibility of the Nomination Committee.

Please nominate Africans, whether in Africa or in the diaspora, who in your opinion are qualified to be included in the WHO is WHO in Africa of African Biographical Centre for 2022 by clicking this link.

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