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Last updated, 8th May 2022.  










Privacy Policy

The Privacy policy of African Biographical Centre covers the use of personal information collected from individuals as well as their use by the Centre. Individuals are advised to read through the policy before enlisting in the biographical entries.

ABC does not make money from ads, and so we do not collect data in order to advertise to you. The data we collect from you is to make our product and services work as well as possible.

In order to give you the best possible value-worth experience using ABC, we collect information from your interaction with our network and systems. Most of the information we receive of you are the ones you actively tell us (example by completing our biographical questionnaire) or we passively received from your nominators  















Latest News

# Congress of African Professionals (ANoP 2022) holds hybrid (physical and virtual) in Abuja, Nigeria, November 22 - 24,2022.

# 2nd Edition of Compendium of African Biography due for publication soon: click to upload/update your data.

# Current African Scholars, 2022: Click to nominate scholars

# Eminent African Scientist, 2022: Click to nominate scientists

# Outstanding African Administrators, 2022: Click to nominate administrators

# Prominent African Politicians, 2022: Click to nominate politicians

# WHO is WHO in Africa, 2022: Click to nominate the Who is Who

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