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Last updated, 8th May 2022.  










ABC Executive Board

The African Biographical Centre is organised by an Executive Board, which is a Board of Directors exercising both executive and legislative powers on behalf of the Centre. Thus the Board manages the properties and day to day affairs of the Centre.

The Executive Board is composed of Directors under the headship of a Chairman and assisted by a Vice Chairman and a Secretary.

The activities of the Executive Board is organised in Committees with the Chairman, Vice Chairman and Secretary as members of all the Committees

Members of the ABC Executive Board from 2013 to Date are the following:

  • Prof Christian C. Nzotta, Chairman .
  • Dr Kenneth I. Nkuma-Udah, Vice Chairman / Executive Director / CEO .
  • Mrs Patience O. Madukwe, Secretary / Registrar .
  • Prof Gideon I. Ndubuka, Director of Research and Development .
  • Prof Emmanuel Mazi, Director of Editorial Matters .
  • Barr Barth Okoye-Aniche, Director of Finance.
  • Dr Greg O. Onwodi, Director of Nominations .
  • Prof Emmanuel Aluyor, Director of Publication.
  • Pharm Kelly E.O. Nwagha, Director of Membership Matters .











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