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Last updated, 8th May 2022.  










Compendium of African Biographies

Compendium of African Biographies is a biographical publication of the African Biographical Centre, published in honour of African professionals, researchers, administrators and other eminent persons.


Compendium of African Biographies include some hundreds of biographies of men and women of achievement, both in Africa and in the diaspora

ABC produces a full range of African directories covering vast majority of interest and geographical areas design for easy access of biographical information from men and women of great achievement.

ABC biographical entries are compiled without racial, religious or political bias. Therefore, they are held in many libraries in Africa and beyong because they are of great international importance and interest to African researchers in Africa and in the diaspora.

Note that enlisting in the Compendium of African Biography automatically makes you a member of African Network of Professionals (ANoP), which is the membership arm of African Biographical Centre.

# Click here to view the past publication of Compendium of African Biographies.

If you are an African professional and you are not enlisted in the Compendium of African Biographies, click here to enlist in the African biographies.  







Latest News

# Congress of African Professionals (ANoP 2022) holds hybrid (physical and virtual) in Abuja, Nigeria, November 22 - 24,2022.

# 2nd Edition of Compendium of African Biography due for publication soon: click to upload/update your data.

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